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Jean-Paul Sartre: Basic Writings
Stephen Priest
A Deepness in the Sky
Vernor Vinge
The Best Of Arthur C. Clarke
Arthur C. Clarke
The Two Towers
J.R.R. Tolkien
The Rest of the Robots
Isaac Asimov
The Complete Robot
Isaac Asimov
The Illustrated A Brief History of Time and the Universe in a Nutshell
Stephen Hawking
A Scanner Darkly
Philip K. Dick
Minority Report and Other Stories
Philip K. Dick, Keir Dullea
Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies
Jared Diamond


Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman A good and interesting book. Quite useful to read when the mundane cares of the world threaten to drown you, in your little office or in a crowded street. This book helps you remember that is not all that life can bring.
Though I must admit, my dark and twisted heart was a bit disappointed at the ending.

The Color of Magic

The Color of Magic - Terry Pratchett While the book itself is part of the Discworld -- wonderful series that are quite refreshing, smart and funny, but no doubt you've already herd all that -- the settings and the world feel not complete in the first, well, I think 3 books of the series. The materials and characters are yet raw, they grow out of it in later books. (For example, Death is shown to take a life at a whim which is not allowed later on).

So if you want to read the Discworld series I would recommend you start with the 3rd book or even the 8th book.